This day is a beautiful story of what happens when the bride and the groom know exactly what they want in their wedding. Right from the smallest of details to everything that was larger than life, Jay & Linda have been together through everything. Being a part of this wedding felt more like being with two friends who knew each other completely inside out are just now getting married to become roommates. One of the best times of the wedding has to be when their story was told in narrated. Jay & Linda's is a story of a cute Rom-com with its own sense of fun, wit, understanding, respect for each other and, most importantly, love like no other. At the end of a beautiful day in the Maldives, after having shot a wedding as beautiful and as intimate as theirs - all we could feel was a wholeness within and emotional warmth. Jay & Linda are a story we will remember, and a story that we are extremely happy to have been a part of.

Photographed by : Somu Sekhar

Filmed by : Vivi, Nishanth, Bala

Edited by : Threnethra, Aravind