Capturing the life and love in the rituals ... Capturing the grandeur Everywhere Even before knowing my partner, I had chosen 35framesphotography by my side - Ashmitha & Adithya -

Experience a world where love takes the spotlight, and every moment becomes a celebration of the extraordinary. Our Wedding Photography services are not just about capturing images; they are about preserving the very essence of your special day. From the heartfelt exchange of vows to the infectious laughter that fills the air, we specialize in preserving the magic of your ceremony. With a keen eye for detail and a genuine dedication to storytelling, we go beyond the ordinary to transform each fleeting moment into a timeless memory. Our carefully curated portfolio is a visual symphony that showcases the joy, romance, and sheer beauty of your union. Allow us the privilege of being the architects of your love story, crafting images that stand as timeless testaments to the beginning of your forever.

Wedding Films

We love moving pictures as much as we love stills. With the cuts and callouts, every wedding film we make is a collage of all those memorable moments that you didn’t want to miss. More importantly, we take pleasure in giving you a wedding film that is a perfect accompaniment to our style of photography.

Why 35frames photography?

We’ve had the same question, as to how people have continuously loved us over the years. We reached out to them and asked what made us special. And the answers were encouraging. Give it a read.

team A team that exceeds

The super star of 35framesphotography is no one else but the team 35framesphotography . I say this and I mean it that there is a lot learn from them how a team should work together to get the best work done. There is not a single occasion where you can see one taking credit for anything and it’s super hard to make out from pics who clicked what. They make you part of their own team and very soon you forget that you are the client

on time On time, every time

Professionalism is their culture, and they practise it like no other. For instance, the first set of pictures were sent out to us in the first 2-3 days after the big day. And the communication was hassle free right from the first call to the final set of images. A lot of my friends are still cribbing over their wedding pictures still not delivered months after their wedding. What can we say? We kept pinching ourselves every now and then

passion Passion with "

I am a camera crazy person whereas Abhay is completely the opposite. To make him pose is a herculean task. Luckily for us, we met Amar Ramesh! Amar and his team took part in our wedding events more like a family than a vendor. To my surprise he clicked hundreds of amazing shots of both of us – without us being forced to do couple portraits. Hard to explain what a blessing it was to work with them

mind Presence of mind

We had more than one wedding photography team to shoot the moments on my big day. I was a little worried over how they are going to find space for each other during the hustle bustle. But to my surprise, I found Amar and his team not only doing their work promptly but getting along so well with the fellow photography teams and sharing the scenario so amicably. For their sharp time sense and seamless delivery, I hold their professionalism with high regards

money Value for Money

From pre-wedding to wedding, we had a series of events spread across, and had hired 35framesphotography to comprehensively cover it all. What strikes me hard still is the peace of mind we had all through by hiring them. They were professional, friendly, down to earth, passionate and self-driven. At many instances they proved to be more than photographers but understanding friends who make your life a lot easier. There are few things that money can't buy. Our wedding memories are so. Thank you 35framesphotography for the priceless memories

and time

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